Wrong Is Right (1982)

Wrong Is Right (1982)
Tagline: A very funny look at the world.
Category: Drama, Thriller
Director: Richard Brooks
Cast: Sean Connery, George Grizzard, Robert Conrad, Katharine Ross, John Saxon, Henry Silva, Hardy Krüger, G.D. Spradlin, Toby Hughes, Leslie Nielsen, Paul Lambert, Robert Webber, Dean Stockwell, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tony March

plot summary

A satire of American news reporting, Covert Agencies, and political system. The theft of two suitcase sized nuclear weapons, and their sale to a terrorist group, leads TV Newsman Patrick Hale on an international chase to track them down, and uncover the twisting maze of apparent involvement of US Government agencies.

cast list

Sean Connery Patrick Hale
George Grizzard President Lockwood
Robert Conrad General Wombat
Katharine Ross Sally Blake
John Saxon Homer Hubbard
Henry Silva Rafeeq
Hardy Krüger Helmut Unger
G.D. Spradlin Philindros
Toby Hughes TV Cameraman
Leslie Nielsen Mallory
Paul Lambert Defense Secretary
Robert Webber Harvey
Dean Stockwell Hacker
Jennifer Jason Leigh Young Girl
Tony March Abu