The Untouchables (1987)

The Untouchables (1987)
Tagline: AL CAPONE. He ruled Chicago with absolute power. No one could touch him. No one could stop him. – Until Eliot Ness and a small force of men swore they’d bring him down.
Category: Action, Crime, Drama
Director: Brian De Palma
Cast: Kevin Costner, Sean Connery, Charles Martin Smith, Andy Garcia, Robert De Niro, Richard Bradford, Jack Kehoe, Brad Sullivan, Billy Drago, Patricia Clarkson, Vito D’Ambrosio, Steven Goldstein, Peter Aylward, Don Harvey, Robert Swan

plot summary

Federal agent Elliot Ness assembles a personal team of mob fighters to bring Chicago crime boss Al Capone to justice using unconventional means during the mob wars of the 1920s. This fictionalized account of the arrest of Al Capone is heavy on style and gunfire. The end shootout combines a baby carriage and stairs with a nod to Eisenstein’s “The Battleship Potemkin”.

cast list

Kevin Costner Eliot Ness
Sean Connery Jim Malone
Charles Martin Smith Agent Oscar Wallace
Andy Garcia Agent George Stone
Robert De Niro Al Capone
Richard Bradford Police Chief Mike Dorsett
Jack Kehoe Walter Payne
Brad Sullivan George
Billy Drago Frank Nitti
Patricia Clarkson Catherine Ness
Vito D’Ambrosio Bowtie Driver
Steven Goldstein Scoop
Peter Aylward Lieutenant Anderson
Don Harvey Officer Preseuski
Robert Swan Mountie Captain