The Next Man (1976)

The Next Man (1976)
Tagline: In the world of spying and dying, love is the ultimate weapon.
Category: Action, Thriller
Director: Richard C. Sarafian
Cast: Sean Connery, Cornelia Sharpe, Albert Paulsen, Adolfo Celi, Marco St. John, Ted Beniades, Charles Cioffi

plot summary

Khalil (Sean Connery) is an Arab diplomat who wants to not only make peace with Israel, but admit the Jewish state as a member of OPEC. This instantly makes him a target for a series of ingeniously conceived assassination attempts, most of which he foils with the aid of his friend Hamid (Albert Paulsen) and his girlfriend Nicole (Cornelia Sharpe). But can he trust even them?

cast list

Sean Connery Khalil Abdul-Muhsen
Cornelia Sharpe Nicole Scott
Albert Paulsen Hamid
Adolfo Celi Al Sharif
Marco St. John Justin
Ted Beniades Frank Dedario
Charles Cioffi Fouad