The Anderson Tapes (1971)

The Anderson Tapes (1971)
Tagline: Someone is listening… someone is watching… as the crime of the century unreels!
Category: Crime, Drama
Director: Sidney Lumet
Cast: Sean Connery, Dyan Cannon, Martin Balsam, Ralph Meeker, Alan King, Christopher Walken, Val Avery, Dick Anthony Williams, Garrett Morris, Stan Gottlieb, Paul Benjamin, Anthony Holland, Richard B. Shull, Conrad Bain, Margaret Hamilton

plot summary

A thief (Duke Anderson) just released from ten years in jail, takes up with his old girlfriend (Ingrid) in her posh apartment. He makes plans to rob the entire building. What he doesn’t know is that his every move is recorded on audio and video tape, although he is not the subject of any surveillance.

cast list

Sean Connery John Anderson
Dyan Cannon Ingrid
Martin Balsam Tommy Haskins
Ralph Meeker Captain Delaney
Alan King Pat Angelo
Christopher Walken The Kid
Val Avery Socks Parelli
Dick Anthony Williams Spencer
Garrett Morris Everson
Stan Gottlieb Pop
Paul Benjamin Jimmy
Anthony Holland Psychologist
RichardB. Shull Werner Gottileb
Conrad Bain Dr. Rubicoff
Margaret Hamilton Miss Kaler