Five Days One Summer (1982)

Five Days One Summer (1982)
Tagline: An obsession, a love, a memory.
Category: Drama
Director: Fred Zinnemann
Cast: Sean Connery, Betsy Brantley, Lambert Wilson, Jennifer Hilary, Isabel Dean, Gérard Buhr, Anna Massey, Sheila Reid, Georges Claisse, Kathy Marothy, Terry Kingley, Emilie Lihou, Alfred Schmidhauser, Jerry Brouwer, Marc

plot summary

The obsessive love affair between an older Scottish doctor and a younger woman takes a strange turn when they travel together to the Swiss Alps on a short holiday. Based in part on the novel “Maiden, Maiden” by Kay Boyle.

cast list

Sean Connery Douglas
Betsy Brantley Kate
Lambert Wilson Johann
Jennifer Hilary Sarah
Isabel Dean Kate’s Mother
Gérard Buhr Brendel
Anna Massey Jennifer Pierce
Sheila Reid Gillian Pierce
Georges Claisse Dieter
Kathy Marothy Dieter’s Wife
Terry Kingley Georg
Emilie Lihou Old Woman
Alfred Schmidhauser Martin
Jerry Brouwer Van Royen
Marc Duret French Student