A Night to Remember (1957)

A Night to Remember (1957)
Category: Drama
Director: Roy Ward Baker
Cast: Ronald Allen, Robert Ayers, Honor Blackman, Michael Bryant, Anthony Bushell, Sean Connery, Kenneth Griffith, Gerald Harper, Andrew Keir, Frank Lawton, David McCallum, Alec McCowen, Ralph Michael, Kenneth More, Laurence Naismith, John Richardson, George Rose, Richard Clarke, Michael Goodliffe, Tim Turner, Jack Watling, Richard Leech, Harold Goldblatt, Redmond Phillips, Harriette Johns, John Cairney, Jill Dixon, Jane Downs, James Dyrenforth, Tucker McGuire, John Merivale, Russell Napier, Joseph Tomelty, Patrick Waddington
Rated: Unrated

plot summary

Directed by Hammer horror director Baker, this is another version of the tale of the doomed maiden voyage of the Titanic, told in a semi-documentary style through the eyes of the ship’s second officer, Herbert Lightoller, whose duties provided him with a unique perspective of the everyday goings-on aboard the huge ocean liner. An excellent cast (selected for their resemblances to photos of the real passengers) conveys the courage, greed, fear, hope and despair of the real-life passengers. Based on the novel by Walter Lord.

cast list

Ronald Allen
Robert Ayers
Honor Blackman
Michael Bryant
Anthony Bushell
Sean Connery
Kenneth Griffith
Gerald Harper
Andrew Keir
Frank Lawton
David McCallum
Alec McCowen
Ralph Michael
Kenneth More
Laurence Naismith
John Richardson
George Rose
Richard Clarke
Michael Goodliffe
Tim Turner
Jack Watling
Richard Leech
Harold Goldblatt
Redmond Phillips
Harriette Johns
John Cairney
Jill Dixon
Jane Downs
James Dyrenforth
Tucker McGuire
John Merivale
Russell Napier
Joseph Tomelty
Patrick Waddington