November 15, 2018
Lilacs in the Spring (1954)
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Tagline: A New Errol Flynn... with the same old MAGIC!
Category: Fantasy, Comedy, Romance
Director: Herbert Wilcox
Cast: Errol Flynn, Anna Neagle, David Farrar, Kathleen Harrison, Peter Graves, Helen Haye, Alan Gifford, Gillian Harrison, George Margo, Scott Sanders, Alma Taylor, Sean Connery
Rated: Unrated
Plot Summary
A British production in which a young actress is knocked cold during the London Blitz and dreams of being Nell Gwyn, Queen Victoria and even her mother. A.K.A. "Let's Make Up."
Cast List
Errol Flynn           John 'Beau' Beaumont
Anna Neagle           Carole Beaumont/Lillian Grey/Nell Gwynn/Queen Victoria
David Farrar           Charles King/King Charles
Kathleen Harrison           Kate
Peter Graves           Albert Gutman/Prince Albert
Helen Haye           Lady Drayton
Alan Gifford           Hollywood Director
Gillian Harrison           Very Young Carole
George Margo           Reporter
Scott Sanders           Old George
Alma Taylor           1st Woman
Sean Connery           (uncredited)