November 15, 2018
Time Lock (1957)
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Category: Thriller
Director: Gerald Thomas
Cast: Robert Beatty, Betty McDowall, Vincent Winter, Lee Patterson, Peter Mannering, Robert Ayres, Roland Brand, Sean Connery, Larry Cross, Jack Cunningham, Sandra Francis, Alan Gifford, Murray Kash, John Paul, Gordon Tanner, David Williams, Victor Wood
Rated: Unrated
Plot Summary
A boy is accidentally locked in a bank vault. With less than 10 hours of oxygen left in the vault, it becomes a race to save the boy.
Cast List
Robert Beatty           Pete Dawson
Betty McDowall           Lucille
Vincent Winter           Steven Walker
Lee Patterson           Colin
Peter Mannering           Dr. Foy
Robert Ayres           Inspector Andrews
Roland Brand           Police Officer
Sean Connery           Welder #2
Larry Cross           Reporter
Jack Cunningham           Max Jarvis
Sandra Francis           Evelyn Webb
Alan Gifford           George Foster
Murray Kash           Welder #1
John Paul           Foreman
Gordon Tanner           Dr. Hewitson
David Williams           Police Officer
Victor Wood           Howard Zeeder