November 15, 2018
Entrapment (1999)
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Tagline: The trap is set.
Category: Crime, Thriller, Action, Comedy
Director: Jon Amiel
Cast: Sean Connery, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Ving Rhames, Will Patton, Maury Chaykin, Kevin McNally, Terry O'Neill, Madhav Sharma, David Yip, Tim Potter, Eric Meyers , Aaron Swartz, William Marsh , Tony Xu, Rolf Saxon
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Plot Summary
Following the theft of a highly-secured piece of artwork, an agent convinces her insurance agency employers to allow her to wriggle into the company of an aging but active master thief. Connery's burglar takes her on suspiciously and demands rigorous training before their first job together--stealing a highly-valued mask from a chichi party. Their deepening attraction and distrust could tear apart their partnership but the promise of a bigger prize (some eight billion odd dollars) by Zeta-Jones keeps the game interesting. Only, who's playing with whom?
Cast List
Sean Connery           Robert 'Mac' MacDougal
Catherine Zeta-Jones           Virginia 'Gin' Baker
Ving Rhames           Aaron Thibadeaux
Will Patton           Hector Cruz
Maury Chaykin           Conrad Greene
Kevin McNally           Haas
Terry O'Neill           Quinn
Madhav Sharma           Security Chief
David Yip           Chief of Police
Tim Potter           Millennium Man
Eric Meyers            Waverly Technician
Aaron Swartz           Cruz's Man
William Marsh            Computer Technician
Tony Xu           Banker
Rolf Saxon           Director